functions-page-01Welcome to Lodge on Main, a 4-star guest house situated in the area of Walmer, in the Friendly City of Port Elizabeth. When you’re hunting for accommodation, a star rating from the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa provides you with an idea of what to expect, with regards to quality, luxury, furnishings, the materials used, services and so on. Once you have found a 4-star guesthouse for example, the star rating gives you the assurance that the accommodation option you are considering is of a high standard.

However, have you ever wondered what that 4-star rating means? If you did some research into the criteria that the TGCSA uses to grade properties, you’ll soon discover that a vast number of requirements need to be met before a guest house can be graded.

Have no fear though; we won’t go into detail with these requirements. Instead, we will present you with a simple post that will leave you with a greater understanding of what to expect from a 4-star rated guesthouse in Port Elizabeth.

The grading of a guest house covers the conditions of every aspect of the property, such as:

• The external appearance
• The grounds and gardens
• Security measures
• The bedrooms
• The bathrooms
• Shared areas (such as bars, lounges and sitting areas)
• Dining areas
• General services
• Housekeeping service

The rating also covers the accessibility for disabled guests for each of these aspects. While security measures and universal accessibility (for disabled guests) are standard across all star grades, the remaining aspects are different with each star grade.

When it comes to grading each of these aspects, the TGCSA looks at every feature of an aspect. Consider the bedrooms for example. Everything about the bedrooms is taken into account when a guesthouse is graded, including the bedding, security measures, lighting, cupboard space, types of beds used, electronic appliances, the flooring, ceiling, skirting and cornices, just to name a few.

When you come to a 4-star graded guest house, you can expect excellent quality bedding, free of any stain, holes or fraying, highly secure security measures with information provided by signs, ample wardrobe/cupboard space, plenty of lighting (bedside lamps, lights at dressing tables) and flooring, skirting, ceiling and cornices designed and made to reduce noise levels. That’s only a hint of what is considered when just the bedrooms are graded.

Rest assured then that this detailed inspection covers the entire guesthouse, meaning that when the TGCSA grants a guest house with a 4-star grading, it means you will have the pleasure of excellent quality features, attractive exteriors, appealing interior designs, readily available and friendly staff, and so much more.

Now that you have a better idea of what it means for a guesthouse to have a 4-star grading, you’ll know to expect luxurious accommodation, friendly and efficient service and so much more when you book with us here at Lodge on Main, in the city of Port Elizabeth.